Thursday, September 21, 2017

Col Financial Review Earned 5,522.76 pesos for the Month of August 2017

Soooo okay. At the moment, August is my most favorite month! I realized a lot of things to really maximize your earnings. I hope this helps you too.

Aside from the tips I wrote, these are very important too.

1. Do not withdraw your gains, not unless for emergency purposes. Those who have mentality of withdrawing to assure the ROI or return of investment, just in case COL Financial is scam and would suddenly shuts down. I assure you this is legit, recognized by large companies and if you know Bo Sanchez, this is on his top list during his financial coaching sessions.
So don't withdraw, use the gains to buy more, sell more then make more money.

2. Do not buy stocks that cost more that 5 pesos. For now, I also ignore 3-4 pesos. As much as possible I would like to buy cheaper yet active stocks. Why? Again, as I've said. The cost of the stock isn't how you're gonna make money here. It's the volume/quantity of stocks you own.

3. Again, do not aim for gain such as 1000-3000 up if the increase of cost seems slow. Try to settle for 500-600 but on a daily basis.

Hope this works for you too!

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